7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

Are you looking for a romantic getaway in the Smoky Mountains with your loved one? Do you want to spice up your vacation with some fun and exciting activities? Would you like to experience the comfort and convenience of a luxury cabin in the heart of the Smokies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck! In this blog post, we will show you how to plan the perfect Smoky Mountain date night, with a variety of options to suit your preferences and budget. Whether you want to explore the natural beauty of the Smokies, indulge in the local cuisine and culture, or simply relax and unwind in your cozy cabin, we have got you covered. Plan the perfect day out for you and your partner with these seven romantic date ideas that promise fun and countless new memories for both of you.

Explore the Smokies on Horseback or by Carriage
7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

Kick off your romantic journey by exploring the magic of the Smokie, together, on horseback or by carriage. Cades Cove Stables offers a variety of options, allowing you to get close to nature, witness wildlife, and savor the beauty of the landscape at the a pace you prefer. With different options to choose from, you can select the duration and type of ride that best suits your preferences. Remember to wear comfortable attire, bring sunscreen, and capture these magical moments with a camera capable of taking high definition images while in motion.

Glimpse the Smokies from the Clouds

Elevate your date to new heights by embarking on a breathtaking helicopter tour of the Smoky Mountains, hosted by Scenic Helicopter Tours. With a variety of tour packages to choose from, you’re sure to find an air-bound adventure that’s perfect for you and your significant other’s day out.

Fly hand in hand above lush green slopes and take in magnificent views of rushing mountain rivers, serene lakes, majestic bluffs, sprawling acres of undeveloped beauty, and more. Scenic Helicopter Tours even offers a romantic scenic flight and country picnic package that combines a memorable flight with a gourmet picnic lunch in the tranquil countryside. As a final touch, most of Scenic Helicopter Tours’ romance packages include a rose, chocolates, a bottle of locally produced wine or sparkling cider, and two flutes of champagne for you and your partner to toast to your Smoky Mountain adventure.

Explore the Rocky Top Wine Trail
7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

If you’re hoping to relax and enjoy some of the local wines, then you’ll want to explore the Rocky Top Wine Trail. You and your partner will be able sample locally produced wines and learn a bit about the winemaking process as you visit the five charming wineries found along the trail. Whether you opt for a self-guided or VIP tour, this experience promises a casual but delightful date night experience (not to mention, most tastings are free to enjoy). You might even consider purchasing your favorite bottles of wine as souvenirs for friends and family back home who might enjoy a sip of some Smoky Mountains vino. And remember, drink responsibly and always arrange to have a designated driver for the journey back to the cabin.

Enjoy a Zorbing Adventure

Are you searching for a unique and exhilarating date idea, maybe something you’ve never tried before? Then look no further than zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park! Originating in New Zealand, this adventure ride entails rolling down a hill while inside an eleven-foot transparent sphere filled with water (the water temperature will be adjusted to accommodate seasonal weather changes). Inside the sphere, you’ll tumble and spin around, creating an delightful ride that’s sure to leave you laughing, squealing and ready to do it all over again. Whether you opt to ride solo or with your partner (which we highly recommend), zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience and is the only one of its kind in the country! Don’t forget to purchase the GoPro recording of your tumble so you can relive the excitement and share it with your loved ones.

Romantic Dinner for Two at The Greenbrier
7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

Make some unbeatable date-night memories when you indulge in an elegant culinary experience at The Greenbrier. This food and spirit outpost is tucked away on the fringes of the park and boasts a unique chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails, the freshest of ingredients, and an exceptional atmosphere. From dry-aged, hand-cut steaks to fresh seafood to duck confit and pan roasted venison, this innovative steakhouse strives to perfectly balance the modern dining experience with Appalachian tradition. The Greenbrier offers a fantastic setting for a romantic evening, filled with loving glances, cherished memories, and a delightful meal. Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to book a reservation well ahead of time to secure a table for your Smoky Mountains date night.

Catch the Smoky Mountain Sunset

Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of a Smoky Mountain sunset, hand-in-hand, with your other half, from the Gatlinburg Scenic Overlook. This overlook is a spot on the Gatlinburg Bypass, where you can park your car and see the stunning views of the mountains, the valley, and the town. Share a quiet and tender moment with your partner as the horizon transforms into a canvas blooming with vibrant shades of red and gold. The overlook is free and open to the public, and it is accessible by car or on foot – just don’t forget your camera to capture the magic of this special moment.

Cozy Up in the Heart of the Smokies

7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

Not everyone finds a five-star meal or sky-bound tour to be the epitome of romance. Maybe you prefer to be left alone with your significant other, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. If that’s the case, Parkside Resort is the perfect retreat for you. With breathtaking views of rolling peaks, lush forests, and dazzling sunsets, you’ll be transported to a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. At Parkside, you and your other half can reconnect, reminisce over days past, and simply enjoy some quality time together, all within the walls of your very own cozy yet luxurious cabin.

In-between quite conversations cuddled up next to the fireplace, cooking meals together in your fully stocked kitchen, enjoying private movie dates in the home theatre, soaking in the hot tub and taking in the splendid views – you might have some extra time to kill. Whether exploring nature on horseback to savoring a gourmet dinner and enjoying a zorbing adventure, let the Smokies be your backdrop as you add new pages to your growing love story and Parkside Resort your home-away-from-home.  So tell us, what will you and your special someone do first? 7 Romantic Date Ideas for Your Smoky Mountain Getaway

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