A Slice of Heaven: Why You Should Visit Pigeon Forge Now

visit pigeon forge

There is no end to the reasons that Pigeon Forge is one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. Located in the breathtaking Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge is home to just about everything you want in a vacation. We’re talking about more attractions, local events, five-star restaurants, luxury spas, and all-around fun activities than most families can take in during their trip here. Still, people ask us all the time, “Why visit Pigeon Forge TN and not California or Florida?” Keep reading to learn the many reasons why you’ll love your next Smoky Mountains vacation! 

Why Visit Pigeon Forge TN?

Why visit Pigeon Forge TN? Why not! We joke, but there are an almost unlimited number of reasons that you should make Pigeon Forge your next family vacation destination. We’ll detail the top reasons to visit Pigeon Forge below, but first, let’s look at some of the general reasons that our backyard is American’s hidden gem.

  • All kinds of outdoor activities – Ziplines, whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, nature walks, birdwatching, and so much more!
  • WonderWorks – An amusement park meets science museum, WonderWorks offers more than 35,000 square feet of family-friendly entertainment.
  • Arcade City – The ultimate arcade experience! Your kids will love playing every game they can imagine, and you’ll love the rush of nostalgia.
  • The Island – Nightlife central with hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and family-friendly options (Arcade City is located in The Island, for example)
reasons to visit pigeon forge
  • Zoo Knoxville – One of the largest zoos in the Southeast United States, Zoo Knoxville has everything from elephants to rhinos to wolves and more!  
  • Smoky Mountain Opry – Giving Nashville a run for its money, the Smoky Mountain Opry is a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy live bluegrass and country music like never before.

The Top Two Reasons to Visit Pigeon Forge

Now that we’ve answered, “why visit Pigeon Forge TN,” let’s take a look at the top two reasons to visit Pigeon Forge. 


Dollywood is the Pigeon Forge attraction. Why visit Dollywood? How about the huge theme park with rollercoasters and rides of all kinds? How about the waterpark with some of America’s most extreme slides? How about the famous dinner shows? How about the resort with upscale spas, luxurious pools, a full-service fitness center, all sorts of activities for children, and no shortage of shops and stores! Why visit Dollywood? Simple – you can’t afford not to! 

Ultimate Relaxation

Dollywood might be the major draw for many families embarking on their Smoky Mountains stay, but the ultimate relaxation you’ll experience tops the list of reasons to visit Pigeon Forge. Relaxation means different things depending on why you’re visiting, but we’re talking about things like:

  • One-stop ticket access – get tickets to every major Pigeon Forge attraction directly from Parkside Resort! The best part is the serious savings when compared to box office prices.
  • Special event customization – want to plan a birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other special event? You can, simply and easily!
  • Destination weddings get married against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains. Your guests won’t forget the jaw-dropping views and vistas.
  • Pampering beyond your wildest dreams Parkside Resort cabins have a ton of amenities, including things like flat-screen TVs, hot tubs, saunas, indoor swimming pools, and more.

It’s clear that Parkside Resort is your top choice for luxury and relaxation during your Smoky Mountains vacation. Call us today at (888) 908-6066 to start booking your trip today!