All You Need to Know About the Titanic Museum Attraction

titanic museum attraction pigeon forge


Are you planning on visiting Pigeon Forge this fall or winter? If so, there’s plenty to do aside from enjoying all Mother Nature has to offer. If you enjoy visiting museums, the one that must be at the top of your list is the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. You definitely won’t miss this museum when traveling on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge as there is a massive replica ship outside for all to see. This entry will cover everything you need to know about this attraction.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

The Titanic Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the Pigeon Forge area. For this reason alone, you should purchase your tickets in advance. You can do so by visiting the museum’s website. Another added benefit to buying your tickets in advance is that you can skip the long line for entry and save money at the same time.

Take an Audio Tour

What makes the Titanic Museum so amazing is that it offers an audio walking tour of the replica ship. There are interactive exhibits throughout the museum and the replica ship. These displays include being able to walk up the grand staircase, steer the vessel, feel the actual temperature of an iceberg, learn how to send out an SOS signal, and interact with cast members.

titanic museum pigeon forge

No Pictures or Video Permitted

There is a rule in place at the museum that prevents photography and videography during the tour. Please do not try to break this rule. Perhaps if you politely ask a member of the staff for permission for a specific shot, they may allow it, but there is no guarantee.

Handicap Accessible

The entire museum and replica ship itself are handicap and wheelchair accessible. There are elevators at various points throughout the museum. If you have any questions about elevator locations or ramps, be sure to speak with a member of the cast during your visit.

Tour Lengths Vary

The length of your audio walking tour will vary based on your speed. Each tour is self-guided with audio devices, which means you can take as long or as little as you like to complete it. For the most part, the average tour requires around two hours. The cast will not rush you to complete the journey, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the collection of over 400 artifacts from the Titanic. 


Parking at the museum is free for guests. If you want to park near the front, you will need to arrive early. There is bus parking available for large tour groups.

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