5 Ways to Enjoy a Cabin Getaway This Fall

cabin getaway in the smoky mountains


Are you planning a vacation for your family this fall season? If so, consider going on a cabin getaway. Vacationing in a cabin is relaxing, peaceful, and pleasurable, not to mention it brings you closer to nature. A Smoky Mountain cabin rental can make all the difference when vacationing this fall. Whether you are new to cabin life or a veteran cabineer, here are five ways you can enjoy a cabin vacation this fall in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Spend Mornings and Nights on the Porch

The porch of a cabin is where people make amazing memories. The porch offers beautiful sunrises every morning and pristine sunsets every night. The porch is also where you can enjoy time with your children and Mother Nature. Watch as deer saunter past the cabin or birds take flight. Don’t bring anything with you on the porch except for a candle. You don’t need music, phones, or any other mobile devices, as all the entertainment you need is right there.

Enjoy the Hot Tub

Almost every cabin rental in Pigeon Forge comes with a hot tub. Make sure you take advantage of this amenity as much as possible. Relax in the hot tub after breakfast, before you head out for a night on the town, or when you return home. The hot tub is the perfect amenity for a little romance if you’re on your honeymoon or an anniversary trip with your spouse.

Take Advantage of the Kitchen

smoky mountain cabin rentalDo you love to cook? Going out to eat while on vacation can get expensive if you do it for every single meal. Most cabins on a Smoky Mountain weekend trip come with a complete kitchen. Why not take advantage of the kitchen for at least one meal per day? Cook breakfast in bed for your spouse or prepare a romantic dinner to eat on the porch at sunset.

Sleep Late

Whoever said you need to rise every morning at the crack of dawn while on vacation? Even though Pigeon Forge has a lot to offer, vacations are also perfect for relaxation. Take a morning or two on your trip to sleep late. Leave the windows of your bedroom cracked, enjoy a cool breeze, and listen to the birds singing in the morning. Stay in bed for as long as you want and refresh your soul.

Host a Game Night

If you are vacationing with extended family or friends, you will likely have multiple cabins for each group. Host a game night at your cabin for everyone in your traveling party. Play cards, act out charades or sing karaoke together, all while creating a fun environment for people of all ages. Create a contest and hand out prizes as memorable keepsakes.

Book a Cabin Rental This Fall with Parkside Resort

If you find a cabin rental in Pigeon Forge enticing, speak to a member of the Parkside Resort team. Cabin rental vacations are exploding in popularity, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this movement. Call our office at 888-908-6066 to reserve your cabin in Pigeon Forge today. The range of activities and escapades this fall for you and your family in the Great Smoky Mountains will not disappoint.