Pigeon Forge Essentials: What to Pack for Your Vacation This Fall

pigeon forge vacation

If you are planning an unforgettable vacation in Pigeon Forge this fall season, you will need to know what to pack. Packing the right type of clothes and additional items is essential to enjoying your trip to Pigeon Forge. So, what should go in your suitcase for a Pigeon Forge vacation? Let the team from Parkside Resort build your packing list for you so that you don’t miss anything you might need for a great journey.


You should begin by packing outerwear. The fall season can be challenging to plan for when it comes to packing clothes, which is why you always need to bring something a little more substantial for nighttime. The autumn days in Pigeon Forge are comfortable if you vacation there late in the season. If your vacation is during the early months of fall, then you can still expect temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. Despite these high temps during the day, it can turn chilly at night. If you are planning multiple nights out on the town, be sure to pack sweaters, light jackets, or hoodies for you and your family.

Daily Outfits

Your daily outfits should match the weather while staying in Pigeon Forge. If you are vacationing early in the fall, bring t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, lightweight blouses, and anything else loose fitting for the heat. Be sure to pack jeans, pants, and long-sleeve shirts to prepare for the occasional chilly day or adventures out at night.

pigeon forge hotelsFootwear

Footwear is an essential item to pack for every vacation. You will undoubtedly be doing a lot of walking while vacationing in Pigeon Forge. Comfortable sneakers are a must. If you plan to go hiking, bring work boots or hiking boots with adequate tread. Hiking boots are a must-have to protect your feet and lower legs when you are on an adventure. Bring more delightful footwear for a night out on the town.

Bathing Suits

Does the cabin you booked have a pool in a common area or a hot tub in your cabin? If so, make sure to pack a bathing suit. Even though it might be cool at night, you can enjoy the heat of the day and go for a refreshing swim, especially after hiking in the intense sun that cascades over the Smoky Mountain attractions. 

A Backpack

Many people forget the most indispensable item for a Pigeon Forge vacation: a backpack. A backpack is a perfect accessory to have when embarking on a hike, visiting a museum, or going to a theme park while staying in Pigeon Forge. You can put a first aid kit, water bottles, phone chargers, clean socks, and even extra clothes inside a backpack. 

Packing for Pigeon Forge? Prepare Your Itinerary Today

As you begin packing for Pigeon Forge, don’t forget to prepare your itinerary at the same time. Not sure what should be on the list? The team at Parkside Resort can help you craft an exciting and adventurous itinerary for your upcoming Smoky Mountains vacation. Call us today at 888-908-6066 to learn more about Parkside Resort and the surrounding area.