Smoky Mountains’ Hidden Gems to Discover This Summer

smoky mountains hidden gems

Summer is almost upon us, and there are few better places to visit during the dog days than Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Beyond the hundreds of great attractions and restaurants in the area, the Smoky Mountains is in the midst of an incredible assortment of natural wonders to dazzle visitors of all types. If you are planning on visiting our next of the woods this year, here are some Smoky Mountains hidden gems to discover this summer.

Gourley’s Pond

Gourley’s Pond is a wet-weather pond created by the catching of rainfall. This location is often overlooked, but offers beautiful views over the broader area and is something the experienced Smoky Mountain visitor should not miss. To reach Gourley’s Pond, you will need to park at LeQuire Cemetery, which is located at the end of Sparks Lane in Gatlinburg. Just walk down the road for a few hundred feet, then turn right. You’ll see the pond right away.

Rainbow Falls Cave

Probably the most difficult to access of all the hidden gems we will share, Rainbow Falls Cave is a stunning cave with a picturesque waterfall flowing into it. The cave, only accessible by a mile-long trek off the regular trails, is nestled in a historically-rich part of the park – Whiteoak Sinks – which was formerly home to subsistence homesteads.  While not a hidden gem for novice adventurers, this fantastic cave is something the expert trekkers should visit next time they visit the Smokies.

smoky mountain attractionsCataract Falls

Not all gems in the Smoky Mountains require a compass or vast hiking experience. Cataract Falls is easily accessible right from the hearts of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. The falls are actually only a 10-minute trip from downtown Gatlinburg and involve only a short trek up an easy-to-navigate trail. The great thing about the Smoky Mountains is that beauty is everywhere, meaning even the least-athletic visitor can experience the majesty of this beautiful park.

The Troll Bridge at Elkmont

Before the creation of the national park, the Elkmont area was a resort for the wealthy residents of Knoxville. After the founding of the park, however, the resort and its residents left town, leaving a slew of abandoned buildings in their wake. While most of the parks have since been removed, some features have stood the test of time, including the Troll Bridge.  Set along Little River Trail, the Troll Bridge is a charming and whimsical location, perfect for memorable vacation photos!

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