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7 Places To Visit Santa In The Smokies

Christmas in the Smoky Mountains has officially begun and with the arrival of this joyous time of year comes good old Chris Cringle himself. Santa Claus has disembarked from his sleigh for the season and can be found at many wonderful destinations around the Smokies! That means, no matter what your itinerary may hold for […]

A Complete Guide To Winterfest in The Smokies

Almost 35 years ago, the clever folks of Sevier County devised a plan to increase tourism and encourage community involvement during the off-season. An accumulation of ideas, creativity and determination led to the opening of the very first Pigeon Forge Winterfest in 1989. Thanks to this festive and innovative idea, the winter season has become […]

A Smoky Mountain Christmas At Dollywood

With the harvest season come and gone, Halloween decorations are being tucked away and replaced with festive Christmas décor. In no place is that more obvious, then in the Smokies, where Christmas comes to live and thrive for roughly two months out of the year (sometimes even longer). With miles of holiday light displays, Christmas […]

15 Ways To Keep The Family Cozy In Pigeon Forge

One of the many wonderful things about the Smoky Mountains area is the typically mild weather, regardless of the time of year. On average, during the winter months, you will experience low temperatures of roughly 30 degrees and high temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. While not as balmy as a tropical destination, the winter weather […]

7 Unique Ways To Explore Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a truly unique place, from the geography, to the wildlife and native plants, to the myriad of distinct climates, and even the remnants of a complicated and rich history can be found all within the boundaries of the park. For this world-renowned destination, with it’s colorful past and […]

Thanksgiving At Parkside Resort

Here in America, Thanksgiving often invokes memories of family gathered around a cramped dining room table, weighed down with all sorts of goodies – some homemade and others not, as jovial conversation and mouth-watering aromas fill the room. But it can be difficult, in our hectic lives, to set enough time aside to spend the […]

Astra Lumina – Walk Amongst The Stars

Starting October 21st of this year, an entirely new and astonishing adventure is coming to Anakeesta, after the sun sets. The first of its kind in the United States, Astra Lumina is a magical luminary night walk that will provide visitors with an experience that is one-of-a-kind and entirely unpredictable. Using a combination of lights, […]

Halloween In The Smoky Mountains  

October in the Smoky Mountains is a time of beautiful fall foliage, harvest-themed treats, festive décor and countless seasonal activities. Besides getting you deep in the autumn mood, The Smokies provide all sorts of unique and entertaining ways to celebrate Halloween, all month long! From family-friendly attractions, to events geared towards older spook seekers, October […]

The Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair

Twice a year, the charming mountain town of Gatlinburg holds one of the top rated holiday craft fairs in the Southern United States and a destination for eager shoppers all over the country. Considered to be one of the most popular events this side of the Mississippi, the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair is an experience that […]

The Best Places To Watch A Smoky Mountain Sunrise Or Sunset

Imagine: the crisp mountain air filling your lungs as you look over the stunning sight of crimson, gold and rose colors splashed across a silvery sky, like a painted masterpiece brought to life. Now add to this daydream the auburn and amber foliage of fall and some wispy, low-hanging mist so iconic to the Smokies, […]