Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival: 2024 Edidtion

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 edition

Spring is finally here and no nowhere is that more noticeable than at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Beginning now until June 9, 2024, visitors to Dollywood will be able to “experience the splendor of springtime in the Smokies” in an unforgettable and breathtaking manner! For the next couple of months, more than half a million vibrant buds, blooms and blossoms will blanket the park in celebration of Dollywood’s Flower and Food Festival. This event offers a wonderful opportunity to spend time with those you love most, soaking in that beautiful Tennessee sunshine as you experience the thrilling rides, explore the colorful living sculptures, and savor all the delightful flavors of spring. To learn more about this year’s Dollywood Flower and Food Festival and all the things you’ll want to see and sample, read on!

The Scenery

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 edition

As the festival’s name would suggest, one of the biggest and most astonishing attractions at Dollywood this time of year is the more than half a million blooms are artfully integrated throughout the, already beautifully landscaped, 165-acre park. Dollywood is a place where the magic of the seasons is always on full display, with stunning decorations and a vibrant atmosphere year-round. However, when spring arrives, the park blossoms, literally, adding to the excitement and beauty with an extra splash of color and joy! From potted flowers and hanging baskets, to tightly packed flower beds and incredible displays of living art – there’s plenty to explore during spring at the park! One of the most whimsical and unique aspects of the Flower and Food Festival is the multiple Mosaicultures that can be found throughout Dollywood.

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 edition

Mosaicultures are a unique art form created by and named after the world’s leading visionary in these garden arts, Mosaïcultures Internationales of Montréal, Canada. Using a team of talented landscape architects, engineers, horticultural mosaic artists and many others, these incredibly unique and stunning art pieces contain thousands of blooms and lush foliage. One of the most impressive mosaiculture tells the story of Mother Parton hard at work, carefully stitching together the iconic “Coat of Many Colors” for her daughters to wear. You may notice the blanket of lush greenery and blossoms spilling across her lap while she stiches and sews, deep in thought, as monarch butterflies help her work by gently delivering additional supplies. From playful racoons diving into barrels of vibrant blooms to gigantic butterflies ready to take flight, to heart-touching scenes, these art installations capture the beauty, atmosphere, energy, and pure joy that springtime represents.


The Entertainment

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 editionImagine the looks of wonderment on your kiddos’ faces when they meet a real-life fairy, stretching her wings in the springtime sun. To experience a whimsical character meet & greet  , you’ll need to head towards either Wildwood Grove or keep your eyes peeled as you make your way through the park’s entrance. At the main gate you’ll find Flit and Flutter (Benjamin Bear is found further into the park at Wildwood Grove) welcoming visitors to the park and taking photos with anyone wanting an extra special momentum from their time at the Dollywood Flower and Food Festival.

Of course, there will also be live performances scattered across the park throughout the day to be enjoyed as well. Listen to the Smoky Mountain String Band in Market Square as they fill the afternoon air with beautiful, authentic mountain music. And be sure to check out the newest musical addition to the park this spring with From the Heart, a show celebrating the many wonderful years of Dolly’s musical journey and amazing works she’s created over the years. With so many options to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that regardless of where you are in the park, you’ll have some incredible entertainment to enjoy!


The Food

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 edition

Every festival, Dollywood pulls out all the stops to bring guests incredible, unique and unforgettable dining opportunities to enjoy. And the best part? It’s different every year! So regardless of whether you’re a fan of the park or a first-time visitor, there will be some new and exciting flavors to explore. As recommended with any Dollywood event, you’ll want to take advantage of some savings and get tasting passes for you and your loved ones before venturing into the park. Each Flower & Food Festival tasting pass includes the opportunity to try up to five festival foods for just forty dollars! And trust us when we say, you’ll want to try at least five dishes (through we’re willing to bet it’ll be more) – so be sure to show up hungry!

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 editionFor savory dishes, this Flower and Food Festival will feature return picks such as the mouthwatering Garlic Shrimp Mac & Cheese, tasty Superfoood Quinoa Salad Bowl and festive Mountain Berry Pizza. In addition to old favorites, there will also be several new additions to the festival menu this year including but certainly not limited to a toasted cheese melt, honey barbeque ribs, and a honey garlic chicken skillet (excuse us while we drool) all sound like soon-to-be crowd pleasers! Wash down your scrumptious meal with a refreshing non-alcoholic Blueberry Lavender Spritz or explore some new flavors with a fresh glass of Dragonfly Lemonade (a citrusy boba treat). After some delicious snacks, meals and drinks – it’s time to finish off your feast with a festive desert! Enjoy a famous Dollywood berry funnel cake, complete with berries, lavender honey and edible flowers and be sure to stop by Spotlight Bakery for some handmade bakery treats, like a lemonade cupcake, to take home for later!

The Memories

Dollywood Flower & Food Festival - 2024 edition

After capturing the perfect selfie under a canopy of vibrant floating umbrellas, gazing at one-of-a-kind living art installations, taking a spin on some thrilling rides, enjoying delicious eats and experiencing some wonderful and heartfelt performances, you’ll probably be ready to head home and unwind for the evening. At Parkside Resort, you can continue with your spring adventure by enjoying some star gazing over the Smoky Mountains, all from your back porch. If the kiddos are still awake after a day full of springtime antics, take them for an evening swim (we have indoor and outdoor pools, so weather won’t be an issue), or have a movie night in the cozy home theater. And for more matured guests, enjoy a soak in the hot tub (a feature of all our luxurious cabins) or curl up next to the fire with a nightcap featuring some local moonshine. At Parkside, you’ll find the ideal mountain retreat with everything you could need for the perfect Smoky Mountain vacation, all within fifteen minutes of Dollywood! So tell us, what will you be enjoying first this year at Dollywood’s Flower and Food Festival?

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